La mención de unicornios en la Biblia es un ejemplo de errores de traducción

The nine unicorns of the Bible and the biblical errors of translation

Unicorns? Really, unicorns in the Bible? Yes, unicorns, nine radiant unicorns. What do they do in the Bible, how did they get there and what does it mean?
Las siete tribus del Libro de Mormón

The seven tribes of the Book of Mormon

It is easy to overlook an aspect of the Book of Mormon that can help us see the entire book clearly: the constant existence of seven tribes.
La genealogía del profeta Samuel nos brinda claras indicaciones acerca de su noble origen y la manera en que Dios prepara con anticipación a sus profetas.

La interesante genealogía del profeta Samuel

Desde los concilios de la vida preterrenal, el Señor preordenó a Samuel para nacer dentro una noble familia y en una situación especial. La genealogía del profeta Samuel nos ayuda a descubrir sus circunstancias.
Melquisedec, sin padre, sin madre, sin genealogía

What does the Bible really mean by describing Melchizedek as a man without ...

The book of Hebrews contains a passage that seems to describe something inconceivable. Was Melchisedec really a man without a father, without a mother and without a genealogy?
Los seres resucitados que restauraron el sacerdocio

The resurrected beings who restored the priesthood

The Lord Jesus Christ arranged emissaries of three different classes to be sent to restore in the last days the divine authority of the priesthood.

What we know about the sisters of Nephi

The Book of Mormon informs us that Nephi had several sisters. Some General Authorities, like Elder George Q. Cannon, have written about Lehi's family and have given us these interesting facts about it.
El tratamiento del reino de Dios en el evangelio de Mateo es diferente al resto de los evangelios.

The treatment of the kingdom of God in the Gospel of Matthew

Jesus proposed practically a whole social reform in the Sermon on the Mount. In fact, what establishes there is the outline of the kingdom of God on earth.
Las hijas de Lot y el origen de los moabitas

The daughters of Lot and the origin of the Moabites

To many people, the apparently incestuous passage of Lot's daughters is disconcerting. What were your real motives and what is the purpose for which attention is given to you in the Bible?
Estructura general del libro de 1 Samuel

Estructura general del libro de 1 Samuel, en la Biblia

La revisión de la estructura general del libro de 1 Samuel te ayudará a identificar sus partes esenciales y fortalecerá tanto tu comprensión como tu memoria

The ten sections of the Sermon on the Mount

The Sermon on the Mount can be divided into ten sections through this approach that will help you gain retentive and improve your ultimate understanding.

The three essential characteristics of Jesus' baptism

Have you received a baptism like the baptism of Jesus? The following guide will show you the three essential characteristics for a baptism to be acceptable to God.

The parables of Jesus as a didactic resource

Today I will share with you one more criterion why appreciate the parables of Jesus: its value as a useful didactic resource to explain complex concepts.
El Libro de Mormón y las planchas de oro

The value of bronze plates

When advising his children before dying, King Benjamin instructed them on the value of brass plates and why their preservation was important.
Los nombres de las doce tribus de Israel

The names of the twelve tribes of Israel

We often get confused when trying to remember the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. But this passage will serve you to remember them once and for all without losing you;).
Estructura general del libro de Rut

Estructura general del libro de Rut, en la Biblia

Sorpréndete al conocer todo lo que abarca la estructura general del liro de Rut y lo fácil que te será memorizar el contenido y secciones de este pequeño libro con ayuda de un esquema.
Sadrac, Mesac, Abed-nego

Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego and the study by means of tables of equivalences

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were the valiant companions of the prophet Daniel in Babylon. Your study will give us the opportunity to learn about the equivalence tables and how to use them.
El origen del titulo cristianos en la Biblia

The origin of the Christian name in the Bible and in the Book of Mormon

The origin of the name 'Christians' has a lot to do with the responsibility of each follower to take upon us the name of Christ.
María Magdalena

Who was and who was not María Magdalena

What is believed about Mary Magdalene is generally different from what the Bible teaches about her. It is necessary to separate the truth from the legend.

A lesson from the book of Job, by Elder Orson F. Whitney

Elder Orson F. Whitney, of the Quorum of the Twelve, spoke about how Job's value has inspired his modern counterparts: A sermon at a funeral is not for the benefit of the ...
Libros apócrifos

What are the apocryphal books and how to consider them

There is much confusion as to which are the apocryphal books, what they mean and what their own use is, which has increased in recent times when used by authors of books as evidence around particular points of view.
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