How Moses' parents were guided by revelation

In Flavius ​​Josephus' account of Moses' salvation, Moses' parents were guided through revelation and showed themselves as a united family

General structure of the book of Psalms

The general structure of the Psalm book, divided into five books, gives us the opportunity to study the intentional composition of its doxologies.

The need for the liberation of Israel

Stephen, the first Christian martyr, provided in the New Testament an excellent summary of Abraham's covenant and the need for Israel's deliverance.

The Egyptian prophecy about the birth and mission of Moses

According to the Jewish historian Flavius ​​Josephus, the birth and mission of Moses had been predicted by an Egyptian prophecy that caused Pharaoh's hatred.

The prophecy of the offspring of Joseph on the eternal hills

Patriarch Jacob prophesied, during his patriarchal blessing to his son Joseph, about the land of inheritance that would correspond to the offspring of Joseph on the American continent, on the eternal hills.

Satan cleverly blends truths with lies

One of the biggest misconceptions about Satan is that he always says only full lies. Lies that are 100% false. But Satan is much wiser than that. The most powerful lies of ...

The meaning of the expression "zarandeado como trigo"

The expression of being "zarandeado como trigo" appears in the 4 canonical books and is a symbolic expression that does not necessarily have a negative meaning.

General structure of the book of 2 Samuel, in the Bible

The review of the general structure of the 2 Samuel book will help you identify its essential parts and strengthen both your understanding and your memory.

General structure of the book of Genesis, in the Bible

The general structure of the book of Genesis will teach you to divide the entire book into just 4 events and 4 characters. So you can locate any passage.

The blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh in the Joseph Smith Translation

Before giving his patriarchal blessing to Ephraim and Manasseh, Jacob told Joseph a prophecy about the role his children would have in our day.

Job and his triumphant interaction with God

At the end of the book of Job an interview with God is described in which important secrets about Creation are revealed to Job, in the same order as Genesis.

Were Cain and Abel the first children of Adam and Eve?

Since the Bible introduces Cain immediately after narrating the Fall, should we understand that Cain, Abel and Seth were the first and only children of Adam and Eve?

And who was Cain's wife?

Where did Cain's wife come from, which is mentioned after her expulsion to the land of Nod?

What you wanted to know about Job's life (but you were afraid to ask)

Job's life is very little documented and more is ignored. But the Bible gives us some important clues about his ministry.

Who were the authors of the books of the Bible?

Do you know who the authors of the books of the Bible were? This article will help you to know and identify them quickly and effortlessly.

How do we know that Job was more than a legend

Some scholars have assumed that Job was not a real character. But the scriptures, both ancient and modern, indicate that Job was more than a legend.

The true meaning of elders in the Bible and in the Church of ...

In this article we will review in depth the triple meaning of the word elders in the Bible, as well as its role as priesthood office of yesterday and today.

The value of the book of Ruth to understand the end of the ...

Today we will analyze the value of Ruth's book from a different perspective. We will see why it is in a specific position in our Bibles and what that tells us about its value to better understand the Old Testament. Click to read the article.

The nine unicorns of the Bible and the biblical errors of translation

Unicorns? Really, unicorns in the Bible? Yes, unicorns, nine radiant unicorns. What do they do in the Bible, how did they get there and what does it mean?

The interesting genealogy of the prophet Samuel

From the councils of the premortal life, the Lord foreordained Samuel to be born within a noble family and in a special situation. The genealogy of the prophet Samuel helps us discover his circumstances.