The resurrected beings who restored the priesthood

The Lord Jesus Christ arranged emissaries of three different classes to be sent to restore in the last days the divine authority of the priesthood.

The scriptures that Moroni explained to Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith received from Moroni an outline of what his mission would be in the restoration of the gospel through the best tool for understanding.

The Heavenly Father as Witness of the Son

On rare occasions, our Heavenly Father has let his voice be heard or his presence be seen by man, with the sole purpose of presenting himself as a Witness of the Son.

5 incredible stories of prophets and apostles who have seen Jesus Christ in the ...

Jesus Christ has been seen on numerous occasions by modern prophets and apostles. know some of these stories.

New triple combination in Kiribati

The First Presidency has announced a new translation of the triple combination of scriptures in the Kiribati language (formerly known as Gilbertese), available online and in the Gospel Library mobile application. Hard copies of these new scripts will begin to be available for the March 30 from 2018.