Book of Mormon

Comments on chapters and passages of the Book of Mormon.

The five missionary lessons of the encounter with Ismael

In the meeting of Nephi's group with Ishmael five missionary lessons are hidden that would greatly improve the quality of your teaching. Do you want to find them?

The reason for the differences in style between the book of Ether and ...

To be Moroni the prophet who wrote both the book of Ether and the book of Moroni, both books are very different, why are these differences?

Why did Nephi have to kill Laban?

After the detail with which Nephi recorded his experience in which he had to kill Laban, a representation that hides a powerful lesson is enclosed.

Satan cleverly blends truths with lies

One of the biggest misconceptions about Satan is that he always says only full lies. Lies that are 100% false. But Satan is much wiser than that. The most powerful lies of ...

The meaning of the expression "zarandeado como trigo"

The expression of being "zarandeado como trigo" appears in the 4 canonical books and is a symbolic expression that does not necessarily have a negative meaning.

The four contributions of Amaleki in the Book of Mormon

Do you know what is the importance of Amaleki for the story that the Book of Mormon tells us? Know the impact of the four important contributions of this servant of God to the sacred history of the American continent.

Why is the reformed Egyptian called the Book of Mormon language?

How did the reformed Egyptian language emerge and how did the ancient writers use it for Book of Mormon records?

Why King Noah's priests used passages from Isaiah to incriminate ...

For what purpose did King Noah's priests cite Isaiah in procuring an accusation worthy of death penalty for the prophet Abinadi? What were the customs that supported this practice and how did Abinadi defend himself?

How could Nephi feel favored by God after so many afflictions

The transforming power of the gospel helped Nephi consider his afflictions from another perspective. Let's see what we can learn from his experience.

How long did Lehi's ministry last in Jerusalem

Do you know how long the prophet Lehi was preaching in Jerusalem before the Lord commanded him to leave for the desert with his family? We examine the Book of Mormon and here we help you to know the answer.

The seven tribes of the Book of Mormon

It is easy to overlook an aspect of the Book of Mormon that can help us see the entire book clearly: the constant existence of seven tribes.

What we know about the sisters of Nephi

The Book of Mormon informs us that Nephi had several sisters. Some General Authorities, like Elder George Q. Cannon, have written about Lehi's family and have given us these interesting facts about it.
The Book of Mormon and the gold plates

The value of bronze plates

When advising his children before dying, King Benjamin instructed them on the value of brass plates and why their preservation was important.
The danger of intellectual growth without spiritual knowledge

The danger of intellectual knowledge without spiritual growth

From Amulon the Lamanites were no longer an uncultivated people. However, the mere acquisition of knowledge was not enough for them. How does this experience of the Lamanites apply to our day?

3 types of sacred buildings in the Book of Mormon

In the previous installment we talked about the temples in the Book of Mormon. In this second installment we will comment on synagogues and sanctuaries.

Three types of sacred buildings in the Book of Mormon, part 1 of 2

The Book of Mormon declares the existence of different types of sacred buildings in America. This first installment is intended for the study of temples.
The body language of teaching

The body language of teaching

Alma and Amulek gave us the example of how to handle body language during a teaching session, be it in a meeting, in the classroom or in missionary work.

The Heavenly Father as Witness of the Son

On rare occasions, our Heavenly Father has let his voice be heard or his presence be seen by man, with the sole purpose of presenting himself as a Witness of the Son.

Soul 7: 10> Was Jesus born in "the land of Jerusalem?

Response to frequent criticism about the place of Jesus' birth, noted in Alma 7: 10 as "the land of Jerusalem."

New triple combination in Kiribati

The First Presidency has announced a new translation of the triple combination of scriptures in the Kiribati language (formerly known as Gilbertese), available online and in the Gospel Library mobile application. Hard copies of these new scripts will begin to be available for the March 30 from 2018.