The miracle of the loaves and fishes

Lessons learned in the biblical miracles of loaves and fishes

A Mormon leader invited Church educators from around the world to see the symbols of the New Testament loaves and fishes in a new way.

Learn today to distinguish the three versions of the Sermon on the Mount in the Scriptures

Knowing the various versions that exist in the Scriptures of the Sermon on the Mount helps us to learn more about the beautiful truths expressed in it.
Genealogy of Jesus according to Matthew

Diagram that explains the genealogy of Jesus according to Matthew, in the Bible

Diagram that shows in a visual and simple way the composition of the genealogy of Jesus according to Matthew and the meaning of each of its elements.

The difference between the immaculate conception of Mary and the virgin birth of Jesus

Let us distinguish between the doctrine of the immaculate conception and that of the virgin birth of Mary to know which of these doctrines is true and which is false.

10 historical facts that you did not know about the virgin of Guadalupe

A set of historical facts that you should know to broaden your opinion about the existence or nonexistence of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

The real meaning of the word "regeneration" and the promises for the last days

The word regeneration has a great significance related to the process of transformation of the Gospel. You will be surprised to know how the Bible defines it

The true story of Barabbas, the thief released at the trial of Jesus

To know the true story of Barabbas and to understand his role in the judgment of Jesus, we have to base ourselves on authentic sources.

The importance of the twelve years of age in the life of Jesus of ...

The twelve years in the life of Jesus were very important. The importance of this age is paralleled at present among the SUDs.

How did Mary and Joseph take care of their spiritual balance?

Joseph and Mary are an example of spiritual balance for all of us. The passage of the loss of Jesus in Jerusalem helps us to discover some traits of character that testify of the good balance that they kept in their lives.

How is it that the young Jesus was lost to Mary and Joseph

How did Mary and Joseph lose sight of young Jesus, when he was twelve years old? To understand this fact, one must learn what he can about the culture and circumstances of the moment in which this event occurred.

The extraordinary character of the young Jesus of Nazareth at twelve years of age

The event of Jesus among the doctors of the law is more significant when we understand the impact that his teaching had on them, as taught in the Inspired Version of the Bible.

Biblical study of Matthew 1: 25 in the original language of the Bible

By doing the Bible study of Matthew 1: 25 comparing it with the original language of the Bible you will greatly expand your understanding of this passage.

What really happened on the Mount of the Transfiguration of Jesus

The passage of the transfiguration of Jesus is one of the most significant not only to understand the ministry of Jesus Christ and his first apostles, but also the work of the temple and the restoration of the gospel.
Stones turned into bread

Why not turn stones into bread: lessons on the temptation of Jesus

The passage of Jesus' temptation teaches us an important lesson about missionary work: when to desist, without trying to turn all stones into bread.

The game of the introduction to the four gospels

I present to you a game that will help you to remember the introduction of the four gospels, and what is their distinctive purpose.

Why a complete interpretation of the book of Revelation has not been reached

For more than 2000 years, the book of Revelation has been carefully studied. Let's see why an agreement has not been reached as to its meaning.

The 5 critical hours of Easter Friday

Jesus Christ went through 5 moments, 5 critical hours on Friday of Holy Week, which you can memorize easily. I put them here with your current schedule, so you can remember them.

Why was Jesus' first miracle to turn water into wine?

The Gospel of John records that the first miracle of Jesus was to turn water into wine. What powerful lesson is contained in this "principle of miracles"?

The meaning of the expression "zarandeado como trigo"

The expression of being "zarandeado como trigo" appears in the 4 canonical books and is a symbolic expression that does not necessarily have a negative meaning.

How is it that Herod the Great became King of Judea

What kind of king of Judea was King Herod the Great and how much fidelity did his reign among the Jewish people?