How is it that Herod the Great became King of Judea

What kind of king of Judea was King Herod the Great and how much fidelity did his reign among the Jewish people?

What ancient testimonies support the authenticity of the Gospels

If the Gospels are indeed ancient documents, they should have been referred by other authors who endorse their importance. What ancient testimonies do we have that endorse the authenticity of the Gospels?

The apostle Peter was married, according to the Bible

Did the apostle Peter, the leader who presided over the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ and an example of the entire leadership of the Church, was single and, therefore, celibate? Or, on the contrary, should we understand that, according to the Bible, the apostle Peter was married? What are the scriptures that sustain an answer?

What does the Bible really mean by describing Melchizedek as a man without ...

The book of Hebrews contains a passage that seems to describe something inconceivable. Was Melchisedec really a man without a father, without a mother and without a genealogy?

The treatment of the kingdom of God in the Gospel of Matthew

Jesus proposed practically a whole social reform in the Sermon on the Mount. In fact, what establishes there is the outline of the kingdom of God on earth.

The ten sections of the Sermon on the Mount

The Sermon on the Mount can be divided into ten sections through this approach that will help you win retentive and improve your ultimate understanding.

The three essential characteristics of Jesus' baptism

Have you received a baptism like the baptism of Jesus? The following guide will show you the three essential characteristics for a baptism to be acceptable to God.

The parables of Jesus as a didactic resource

Today I will share with you one more criterion why appreciate the parables of Jesus: its value as a useful didactic resource to explain complex concepts.

The origin of the Christian name in the Bible and in the Book of Mormon

The origin of the name 'Christians' has a lot to do with the responsibility of each follower to take upon us the name of Christ.
Mary Magdalene

Who was and who was not María Magdalena

What is believed about Mary Magdalene is generally different from what the Bible teaches about her. It is necessary to separate the truth from the legend.

Why does Matthew divide the genealogy of Jesus in groups of fourteen

The Gospel of Matthew divides the genealogy of Jesus Christ into groups of fourteen, which is disconcerting for those who begin to read the New Testament.

The three significant audiences of the Sermon del Monte

The teaching capacity of Jesus Christ is better evidenced when we consider that the Sermon on the Mount was actually directed to more than one audience. Jesus managed to combine teachings for each audience and at the same time forge the leadership of the Church. Let's see, in this biblicomentario, how he was able to achieve such an amazing purpose.

How to learn in a moment the names of the universal epistles of the Bible

I will share a memory game that will make you learn in three minutes several names of the books of the New Testament, in perfect order and the first. You will want to share it!

Jesus Christ as the great I AM

Jesus Christ presented himself boldly with the title I AM, which for the Jews corresponded to the name of God (Jehovah). I share some examples.

The synoptic problem, the Q document and the Latter-day Saints

To solve the synoptic problem, about the coincidences in the first three gospels, a source called document Q has been theorized. What position can we take in this regard?

The truth and the legend about the childhood and youth of Jesus, first part

It is necessary to discard the legends before understanding the truth about the childhood and youth of Jesus. But, what are they and how can we distinguish them?

Between the book of Acts and the siege of Jerusalem

It is possible to establish the date on which the book of Acts was written by relating it to the prophecy of Jesus about the siege of Jerusalem. Come and see how to do it.

The women who followed Jesus, 1 part of 2

During his ministry on earth, Jesus had special treatment for women. Many of them were organized to serve you and help you in your mission.
Ass Millstone

What it is and how much an ass millstone weighs

The millstone is mentioned five times in the Scriptures, indicating that discipline is better now than in the judgment. What is it and how much does an ass millstone weigh?
jesus-and-the-twelve-apostles [1]

The names of the twelve apostles of Jesus

If you want to learn the names of the 12 apostles do well. Here you find them and we also reserve a pleasant surprise for you to remember them.