The first verse of Book of Mormon He explains that Nephi met "many afflictions during the course of his life" and yet he felt that he had been "highly favored of the Lord all [his] days." How could this be?


Nephi learned from the gospel of Christ, which gave him the power to transform his afflictions into useful experiences that transformed him until he achieved a conversion. This, finally, filled his heart with joy, to the degree of being able to thank God.

In the same verse, Nephi exposes the result that his afflictions produced in him. By accepting the Lord's guidance through his afflictions, Nephi achieved "a great knowledge of the goodness and mysteries of God." In other words, Nephi did not suffer for suffering, nor did he become frustrated and bitter because of his afflictions, but he took them from experience and asked God's help to learn from them.

When he was delivered by the hand of God he was able to obtain a testimony that God helps all those who come to him (a testimony of God's goodness). At the same time, the afflictions prompted Nephi to pray frequently, and as a result he received many answers from God in the form of revelation (a knowledge of the mysteries of God). This revelation included many visions, including that in which he saw the ministry of Jesus Christ, apostasy, restoration and recollection (1 Nephi 11-15).


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