In relating to others, we must remember that other people are also children of our Heavenly Father. At the beginning of our marriage, my husband used to say: "I did not marry you because of your appearance". But finally I told him jokingly: "That really does not sound very flattering." He explained to me what I already knew, that it was meant to be the greatest compliment he could do to me. He told me: "I love you for what you are intrinsically and eternally." The Lord said: "Do not look at His appearance, nor at the height of His stature ... for Jehovah does not look at what man is looking at; for man looks at what is before his eyes, but Jehovah looks at the heart "(1 Samuel 16: 7). In the family, in friendships, in courtship and in marriage, we must not only give value to beauty and social status, but also to the personality, good values ​​and the divine nature of each one.

«Daughters of our Heavenly Father», Sister Susan W. Tanner, April General Conference of 2007.

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