Introduction to the general structure of the book of Exodus

The schemas or structures of the Scriptures They are very useful guides for understanding each of the books that contain the canonical books. We continue now with the introduction of schemes or structures of the books of Bible that we started with the outline of the book of Genesisand we continue with the outline of the book of Job. We present to you now the general structure of the book of Exodus.

General structure of the book of Exodus

Although it has 40 chapters, 10 less than the book of Genesis, and may seem large, the book of Exodus is structured in a simple way, in only two parts, so, once identified, it will be very easy to remember them. Along with this identification I will present the composition of each of these two parts, which will expand your understanding. So we strengthen two things: memory and understanding.

The two main parts of Exodus

As in the case of the book of Genesis, the book of Exodus can be divided into two large sections:

  1. A part that relates all the events concerning the liberation of Israel of the slavery in which they served under the Egyptians, and
  2. A section that deals with what happened next, when the people of Israel were taken to Mount Sinai to receive the revelation of God, including the Ten Commandments and the law of Moses.

First part: The liberation of Israel

In this section we distinguish four subsections:

  • The first thing that is posed to us, right in the first chapter, is the need that Israel had to be liberated.
  • Once the need arises, the chapters from 2 to 4 focus on showing how the leaders who would liberate Israel were prepared (Moses and Aaron).
  • After describing the preparation comes the action. From the 5 chapter to the 21 verse of the 15 chapter, the narrative of the Exodus book focuses on telling the way in which Israel was liberated from slavery in Egypt.
  • Finally, the rest of the 15 chapter until the 18 chapter, we are told how is it that Israel was preserved in the desert by the hand of God.

In summary, the first 18 chapters of the book of Exodus are showing us everything that has to do with the liberation of the people of Israel, from the approach of their need to their preservation in the desert.

Second part: The revelation of God

For the second part you will see that, instead of going directly to the promised land, which was in the north, Israel was led to Mount Sinai, which was in the south. Why did they go there? Because something very important was missing in their preparation, to receive the law of Moses and the sacred ordinances that would give them the necessary holiness to conduct themselves as the people of God. We can understand this section in two subsections:

  • The revelation of the old agreement, in which Israel is reminded of its link with the agreement of Abraham and they are given the law of Moses, including the Ten Commandments, and
  • Israel's response to the agreement, in which it is shown how Israel accepts the agreement and begins its obedience to God.
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General glance

Let's concentrate now all that we have previously explained to contemplate our scheme with a single glance that strengthens our memory and leaves it settled in it once and for all. Roll your eyes over the following points and try to relate them to each other. This is the general structure of the book of Exodus:

  1. First part: The liberation of Israel (Exodus 1: 1-18: 27)
    • The need for the liberation of Israel (Exodus 1: 1-22)
    • The preparation of the leaders of the redemption (Exodus 2: 1-4: 31)
    • The redemption of Israel from Egypt by God (Exodus 5: 1-15: 21)
    • The preservation of Israel in the desert (Exodus 15: 22-18: 27)
  2. Second part: Revelation of God (Exodus 19: 1-40: 38)
    • The revelation of the old agreement (Exodus 19: 1-31: 18)
    • Israel's response to the agreement (Exodus 32-40)


The present scheme will serve you a thousand wonders during your reading of the book of Exodus. As you read it, try to relate what you read by telling yourself "Ah, this chapter is located in the first part of the general structure of the book of Exodus, when there is still talk of the liberation of Israel." You will see that your reading will become easier but also, as you are doing this, it will be easier to remember the chapters and return to them when necessary.

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