The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has published a new website designed to recruit senior missionaries and help them find opportunities to serve. Its goal is to make the best connection between possible senior missionaries with volunteer opportunities that best suit their lifestyles and preferences.

This is also part of an effort by the Church to better use technology in missionary work, in this case helping members identify the right mission opportunities for them.

"The website that we have created seems wonderful to us because we have made contact with all the departments of the Church that need high-ranking missionaries and that have been requesting major missionaries, and we have all gathered them on a website," said the Elder Brent H. Nielson , executive director of the Missionary Department.

"The senior missionaries are absolutely relevant to the work and we have thousands of them serving. But we only have half of what we need, "Elder Nielson explained." We hope that in the retirement plans of older couples and their plans for what they want to do in their lives they will include the opportunity to serve a mission. "

The new site is easy to use and interactive, allowing members to collect an online wish list of service opportunities. Candidates use tools to enter their preferences, including how much time they want to serve, the level of expenses they can afford each month and where they would like to live. They can also indicate special language skills, preferred assignments and any medical needs that may affect your service.

After searching, users can search lists of available service opportunities that match the detailed criteria. They add their choices to a car and send them to their local Church leaders, who are responsible for sending their recommendations to serve at the Church's headquarters.

While the pursuit of these opportunities can greatly assist Church leaders in making appropriate assignments for individuals and couples, the call to serve full time ultimately comes from a member of the Church. Quorum of the Twelve Apostles .

"What we are trying to do is allow a couple, in their own home, to sit on their own computer," said Elder Nielson. "You can see at a glance all the opportunities around the world, and technology has just opened the capacity to do so, and then adapt its capabilities to the needs that we have."

For those who can not leave their homes to serve as full-time missionaries, opportunities for part-time and full-time Church service missions are also listed on the website. These opportunities allow missionaries to live in their homes while serving on assignments within their own communities.

The missionaries serve voluntarily, paying for their expenses. Church leaders have regularly encouraged single couples and sisters to consider serving as senior missionaries. Service opportunities include humanitarian work, family history, education, leadership training, public affairs, health and education, and other areas.


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