The execution of the liberation of the Israelites

The chapters that go from the 5 chapter of Exodus to the middle of the 15 chapter (to the 21 verse) narrate the way in which the Lord executed, through the prophet Moses, the liberation of the Israelites. This range of chapters describes a gradual development through the following events.

Moses confronts Pharaoh by means of the word

First, Moses confronted Pharaoh by means of the word. This meant a simple and direct negotiation in which his requests were denied by Pharaoh, who considered them so foolish that he multiplied the tasks of the people of Israel, who were overwhelmed with greater burdens.

Moses confronts Pharaoh by means of miracles

Next, God commands Moses to perform miracles. Pharaoh's magicians then try to imitate these miracles, but the power of God proves to be superior to magic and sorcery. Pharaoh, however, hardens his heart again and denies the people of Israel the possibility of leaving Egypt.

Moses confronts Pharaoh by means of plagues

The repeated refusal of Pharaoh initiates a cycle of plagues, in which the people of Egypt suffer calamities and natural disasters of ever greater magnitude. At first, the magicians of Pharaoh try to imitate these plagues, in a vain effort to demonstrate the power of their idols, but then they give up before the clear superiority of the God of Israel. Pharaoh resists against all power and all evidence, in an attitude of foolishness and arrogance that takes the situation to a high point. At that time, God announces, through his prophet Moses, the imminent death of all the firstborn in Egypt.

Israel is redeemed by blood at Easter

However, Israel is protected by the establishment of a ritual that included marking the door frame with the blood of a lamb that, sacrificed, was to be eaten in a special way. This was the beginning of the Passover festivity that, later, would be celebrated annually by the Israelites and that is the antecedent of our present ordinance of the Holy Supper.

Just as Israel was redeemed through the blood of the lamb, the Lamb of God would come to the world in time and redeem us with his blood "so that everyone who believes in him may not be lost, but may have eternal life" (John 3 : 16)

Israel is redeemed by the power of Egypt's rule

Forced to recognize the superiority of God's power in the face of the tragic evidence of the death of his own firstborn, as well as the death of all other Egyptian firstborn, Pharaoh finally lets the Israelites out to worship God in Horeb. However, led by a rebound of blind obsession, he ordered the Egyptian army to follow them and annihilate the Israelites. The power of God is manifested once again as the people of Israel are saved from the Egyptian army by means of an awesome miracle, when God opens the Red Sea through Moses so that Israel can walk on dry land, while the Egyptian persecutors drown when the sea closes again.

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