Job is accused by his friends

A part of the test of Job was temporarily losing his family and acquaintances. When before I enjoyed a positive popularity by serving other friends and neighbors, now Job he was only being despised by others. The only ones who were at his side were his friends Elifaz, Bildad, Zofar and Elihu who come to comfort him in these moments of anguish. However, the consolation provided by his friends sometimes turned more into accusations or scolding than into consolation.In the following chapters of Book of Job(Job 4-37) we will see how they give advice that sometimes did not apply to their particular situation. This is one of those cases where the good intentions of the people do not necessarily translate into a well-being for the sufferer but this becomes an extra burden that Job I had to endure.

Not all evils come from disobedience

The advice of friends of Job can be summarized in the false premise that if we do badly in life it is due to disobedience and that the just man has a certain immunity to sorrows. Elifaz makes this very clear when he says:

Job 4:7 Remember, I beg you, who, being innocent, has ever perished? Or, where have the righteous been destroyed?

8 As I have seen, those who plow iniquity and sow affliction, they reap the same.

Bildad has the same opinion when saying that if Job outside really just would not happen these situations:

Job 8:3 Will God pervert judgment, or will Almighty pervert justice?

4 If your children sinned against him, he delivered them into the hands of his transgression.

5 If you look to God tomorrow and pray to the Almighty,

6 if you were pure and upright, you would certainly awaken now in your favor and prosper the abode of your justice.

20 Behold, God does not reject the perfect or give support to the hand of evildoers.

Job He has an answer for each accusation which is taken by his friends as a resistance to the word of God and rebellion on his part. For example, before the accusation that bad people do not prosper, Job he answers them with a question:

Job 21:7Why do the wicked live and grow old, and still grow in riches?

The three types of tests

The root of evils is not always easy to detect. Elder Neal A. Maxwell in his book "All These Things Shall Give You Experience"He explains that it is wise to understand the three types of tests we experience in this life:

1 type: "Some things happen because of our own decisions and our sins, contrasted with the suffering brought to us by the fact of being Christians."

2 type: "Other trials and tribulations come by the simple fact of living, as the Lord said 'that he makes his sun rise on the bad and the good, and that it rains on the just and the unjust.'" (Mateo 5: 45)

3 type: "There is another dimension of suffering and challenges that come even when we can see ourselves as innocent. These come from an omniscient Lord who deliberately decides to educate us. "

Before judging, we should console

We usually see the book of Job as a manual on how to overcome the challenges, the ideal guide to the attitude and perspective before the tests that come to us, but we forget that also, in the good style of the Old Testament, it is a sample of lo que we should not do at the moment of being in the role of comforter of others. It is easy to want to find a root for the suffering that we observe and then end up judging or thinking that the person has brought on that evil, but what the sufferer needs is not that but consolation. Job he perfectly describes his feelings and what our attitude should be before the sufferer when he says:

Job 19:19 All my close friends hated me; and those I love have turned against me.

20 My skin and my flesh have stuck to my bones, and I have escaped with only the skin of my teeth.

21 Oh, my friends, have compassion on me, have compassion on me !, because the hand of God has touched me.

22 Why do you persecute me as God and not even of my flesh are you satisfied?

When more should be in solidarity with his friend, harder they turned against him who needed relief. Job He makes it very clear to Elifaz that his insensibility does not go unnoticed:

Job 26:2 How did you help the one who has no strength? Have you protected the arm without force?

3 In what did you advise the one who has no wisdom, and what sound wisdom have you made known?

The usefulness of the advice of Job's friends

Among the accusations we also find correct advice that are given to Job of which we can take advantage. It is true that the wicked will have a temporary pleasure only, that in the end the righteous one ends up winning and that we are not greater than God. What the friends of Job it was to wait for the appropriate moment for such advice and the most important thing when it comes to comforting the afflicted: focus on accompanying and trying to mitigate the pain. That at the time of comfort we can emulate Christ and not end up being called "useless doctors" (Job 13: 4) is one of the many teachings of these passages in the book of Job. It is difficult to know what type of test is being experienced by each person who suffers but what matters most is to see how we can help so that you can cope well.

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