Message for victims of sexual assault: 'There is hope'

For those who are victims of sexual assault, "there is hope". That was the message of Benjamin M. Ogles, a professor at Brigham Young University, during a devotional on campus at the 30 in January. Addressing ...

Declaration of the Church of Jesus Christ LDS on migratory action DACA

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued the 26 of January of 2018 a statement regarding the DACA immigration action.

Message from the LDS Church to the LGBT community: You have a place in the ...

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has directed an inclusive message on video for the LGBT community through social media.

New style of garments for women, from February

The LDS Church has introduced a new style of elastic cotton garments for women, designed for comfort and a perfect fit.

The New York Times response on his obituary to Pte. Thomas S. Monson

Just yesterday, while I was reviewing the messages of my colleagues on WhatsApp mission came a message requesting my signature, because the New York Times had published an offensive obit ...

Who is the apostate leader Warren Jeffs and why was he on the list ...

Leader of a fundamentalist church that has separated from Mormons, Warren Jeffs faces a life sentence today. Know the seriousness of their positions.

How did Elvis Presley know Mormonism and attend a seminar

During his life Elvis Presley received several copies of the Book of Mormon, one of Olive Osmond, who gave copies of this sacred script to many famous people, including the Queen of England, and another ...

Words of Donald Trump and others about the death of Thomas S. Monson

Words from world leaders like Donald Trump, Orrin Hatch and Mitt Romney on the death of Thomas S. Monson, 16th president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Senator Hatch announces his retirement, it is speculated on by Mitt Romney

The statement by Republican Senator and SUD Orrin Hatch about his soon retirement has left the Senate door open to another notable SUD: Mitt Romney.

Like in the movie Coco, family history helps heal the world

A General Authority of the Church of Jesus Christ LDS talked about the film Coco and its relationship with the work of Family History practiced by the Church.

The good end 2017: How to use it to acquire SUD books

In this article I show you how to take advantage of the good 2017 end to acquire books and products SUD at a lower cost, taking advantage of its special features.

What Mormons believe about Halloween, as Donny Osmond explained

Donny Osmond gave an excellent explanation of how Halloween is considered among Latter-day Saints.

Why Mexico's earthquake was so devastating: BYU seeks answers

A team of engineers from BYU has been investigating why the earthquake in Mexico was so devastating and how to prevent similar earthquakes.

Bishop SUD perishes during rappel activity with his youth

The bishop, an expert in rappel, died while doing an activity with some of his youth.

LDS artist painting becomes viral about Las Vegas shooting

In response to her own pain and to bring comfort to the victims of the Las Vegas shooting, a LDS artist embodied a powerful message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Latter-day Saints are Dramatically Impacted by California Wildfires

Even after the loss of their own homes, the Mormons of California are ready to serve others.

This is the best attitude you can take on tragedies like the shooting of ...

In the face of tragedies such as the Las Vegas shooting, our minds can be filled with fears. Read here what is the best attitude.

New law reform proposal protects unborn children from abortion

A bill would limit abortion to protect children at the time they are already able to feel pain from the process.

The various ways that Mormons help victims of shooting in ...

To help the victims of the Las Vegas shooting, Latter-day Saints join forces with powerful efforts.

The beautiful personality of Quinton Robbins, the young SUD murdered in the shooting of ...

The character of Quinton, a young SUD killed during the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, was a reflection of his beliefs.