Artist SUD wins national awards singing gospel music

The song that Mormon interpreter Chenille Saunders won is a well-known hymn about the atoning grace of Jesus Christ.

Why art is a spiritual act

For Sandra Cisneros, independent writer SUD, the generation of art is not only for entertainment but, in fact, a spiritual act.

How it was that Prince Charles received a Book of Mormon

Prince Charles, of England, received the Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ, in an unexpected way, through the influence of the Holy Spirit and the invitation of a humble missionary leader. Meet this moving story.

Meet the Mormon candidate for the presidency of Kenya

The gospel ignited in him the hunger for justice and for peace. Now he does not feel comfortable and will return to his country as a candidate for the presidency of Kenya
Orrin Hatch

The Mormon Orrin Hatch is designated as the "designated survivor" of the United States

Orrin Hatch (22 March 1934) is a religious, lawyer and Republican senator from the United States representing the state of Utah from 1977. Orrin Grant Hatch was born to Helen Kamm and Jesse Hatch ...

The 23 Mormons who participated in the 2016 Olympics

Athletes from all over the world are preparing to compete in the dream of their lives in these Olympic Games and among them are many of the Latter-day Saints.

Lindsey Stirling launches a video that will appear in the new Disney film

The talent of the LDS artist Lindsey Stirling will be appreciated in the new Disney movie.

The Mormon Stephenie Meyer, author of Crepùsculo, takes a surprising turn

The LDS author Stephenie Meyer totally changes her turn in her new novel.

LDS Missionary wins the Miss New Zealand International Beauty pageant

Ariel Pearse is the LDS emissary who, as new Miss New Zealand International Tourism will represent her country in a contest of more than 70 countries.

Lindsey Stirling declares that the LDS lifestyle keeps her safe

Lindsey Stirling is a famous violinist and known for her courage in speaking about her faith as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Interview with Cinco Paul, the Mormon creator of the minions

Find out how Cinco Paul, the creator of the minions and "My favorite villain" became Mormon, what his productions and dreams have been.

The Mormon who created the minions speaks about the representation of faith ...

Five Paul, the creator of "My Favorite Villain" (Despicable Me) and the Minions, talks about the importance of representing sincere faith in film.