Why Mahatma Gandhi did not become a Christian

An unfortunate experience of Mahatma Gandhi determined the fact that he did not finally convert to Christianity. How would you change the situation if Gandhi attended your neighborhood?

The missionaries return to Madagascar, contained the plague

After the containment of the plague that existed in Madagascar, the LDS missionaries have been able to be reassigned to the island.

"We want missionaries to serve their mission without interruption," says General Authority

Elder Nielson, Seventy General Authority and Executive Director of the Missionary Department, gave a speech at the Provo Missionary Training Center during the opening session of the annual seminar for presidents of ...

When the president of the Church is NOT the one who signs the missionary callings

Missionaries who receive their mission calls this week will not have the signature of the president of The Church of Jesus Christ of the SUD.

The Church of Jesus Christ SUD plans to decrease the number of missions and use more ...

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will reduce its missions and implement important technology advances.

For outbreak of plague in Madagascar, LDS missionaries will be transferred

The Church of Jesus Christ LDS issued this official statement regarding the status of its missionaries in the face of the threat of plague in Madagascar.

The new translation process accelerates access to the LDS Scriptures in several ...

In order to provide members with access to the LDS Scriptures (the standard works) in their own language, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced ...

Mormon creates LDS temples in "Minecraft" to show their beauty in a new way

Justin Tate is taking the expression "I love seeing the temple" to a new level.

The three steps you can follow to preach the gospel, according to the model of ...

My friend Ernesto Pele sends me from time to time very good analysis of the gospel. This I liked particularly. It shows the process followed by Ammon in preaching to King Lamoni and his court, which can be divided into three simple steps that we can follow as we preach the restored gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I reproduce now the text of this message, as Ernesto shared it with me:

Official statement on the resignation of SUD missionaries after Hurricane Irma

The 22 of September of 2017 The Church of Jesus Christ of the Saints of the Last Days published an official communiqué regarding the resignation of missionaries after the hurricane Irma.

The LDS Church ratifies the state of the missionaries in Mexico after the earthquake

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints published the following update in English and Spanish, announcing the safety of all missionaries and mentioning the planned cleanup.

Singer LDS explains the difference of Mormonism in the Rolling Stones magazine

Brandon Flowers, lead singer of the Las Vegas rock band The Killers, recently shared in an interview with Rolling Stone explaining why he believes Mormonism is commonly misunderstood.

The security of the LDS missionaries after the earthquake in Mexico is reported

SALT LAKE CITY - After the most powerful earthquake in Mexico in a century, the LDS Church has acknowledged that all of its missionaries are safe and accounted for, including those of the two missions in the most affected area.

Hurricane Harvey damages the Houston temple and SUD chapels, the missionaries ...

SALT LAKE CITY - The Texas temple is surrounded by the flood that has damaged several LDS chapels, so several Sunday worship services were canceled and networks were activated ...

Two LDS missions merged in Russia

Find out about the changes The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is doing with the merger of LDS missions in Russia.

How it was that Prince Charles received a Book of Mormon

Prince Charles, of England, received the Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ, in an unexpected way, through the influence of the Holy Spirit and the invitation of a humble missionary leader. Meet this moving story.
Maxine Grimm, pioneer of missionary work in the Philippines

Meet the woman who supported the introduction of missionary work in the Philippines

A woman of the Latter-day Saints who was essential for the introduction of missionary work in the Philippines has gone ahead on the journey to God and has been buried ...
SUD Missionaries

The Church of Jesus Christ LDS announces great changes to the missionaries' agendas ...

All of us who have gone on a mission know how rigid and strict the missionary schedule was. Get up at six in the morning, study one hour in a personal way, one for companionships, take ...

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints closes the mission ...

Because of instability in Turkey, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been forced to remove its missionaries from Turkey.

The moment when Bill Clinton could have turned into mormon

Bill Clinton spoke about the experience he had when he received the missionary talks a few years ago and what his reaction was.