Problems in David's house

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LDS Glossary

Coins, weights and measures

Introduction In many passages we come face to face with names that we are not used to and that can be confusing and distract us during reading. He...

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Biblical commentaries on the chapters of this assignment

What we know about the wives and children of King David

King David was the highest representative of the splendor of Israel and a direct ancestor of Jesus Christ. We present you with their wives and children.

General structure of the book of 2 Samuel, in the Bible

The review of the general structure of the 2 Samuel book will help you identify its essential parts and strengthen both your understanding and your memory.


Why did King Solomon bother when Adonija asked him ...

"Among the oriental nations the wives and concubines of a dead or dethroned monarch were taken by his successor (see 2 Samuel 12: 8; 16: 21-22); ...