Daily study plan of the Old Testament

The Daily Study Plan of the Old Testament is designed to help you in your reading of Bible. Following this plan you can finish reading the Old Testament in just one year.

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Comments on the Old Testament

How do we know that Job was more than a legend

Some scholars have assumed that Job He was not a real character. But the scriptures, both ancient and modern, indicate that Job It was more than a legend.

How is it possible that there was a pharaoh who did not know Joseph? (Exodus 1: 8)

Explanation of the mysterious passage of Exodus 1: 8. How is it possible for a Pharaoh who did not know Joseph?

What you wanted to know about Job's life (but you were afraid to ask)

The life of Job It is very little documented and more is ignored. But Bible It gives us some important clues about his ministry.
The deuterocanonical books follow a different standard in the Old and New Testaments

Learn to distinguish which are the apocryphal and deuterocanonical books of the Bible

Often, in some studies, we are told about the deuterocanonical books of Bible and we do not know what they are or how we can distinguish them. This article will help you to know them and to know what position to take regarding them.

General structure of the book of 1 Samuel, in the Bible

The review of the general structure of the 1 Samuel book will help you identify its essential parts and strengthen both your understanding and your memory.

General structure of the book of Judges, in the Bible

Familiarize yourself with the general structure of the Judges book that will make it easier for you to read this book that narrates an important period of Bible.

General structure of the book by 1 Reyes, in the Bible

Learn more about the general structure of the 1 Reyes book, Bible, representative of an important period in the history of Israel, with its two parts.

The Egyptian prophecy about the birth and mission of Moses

According to the Jewish historian Flavius ​​Josephus, the birth and mission of Moses had been predicted by an Egyptian prophecy that caused Pharaoh's hatred.

Satan cleverly blends truths with lies

One of the biggest misconceptions about Satan is that he always says only full lies. Lies that are 100% false. But Satan is ...

Moses called seventy leaders as special witnesses of Jesus Christ

Under God's instruction, Moses chose seventy of the leaders of Israel and went up to Sinai, where, together with Aaron, they saw the God of Israel.

Comments on the New Testament

5 prophecies made by the angel Gabriel about Jesus Christ

The 5 prophecies that the angel Gabriel made about Jesus Christ quoted from the scriptures, from the messianic prophecies, in such a way that Mary immediately recognized that she would be the mother of the Messiah.

The extraordinary character of the young Jesus of Nazareth at twelve years of age

The event of Jesus among the doctors of the law is more significant when we understand the impact that his teaching had on them, as taught by the Inspired Version de Bible.

The apostle Peter was married, according to the Bible

Did the apostle Peter, the leader who presided over the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ and an example of the entire leadership of the Church, was single and, therefore, celibate? Or, on the contrary, should we understand that, according to Bible, the apostle Peter was married? What are the scriptures that sustain an answer?

The writing of the epistles of the New Testament

The way in which the epistles are written gives us valuable clues to better understand each one, giving us details about its author and circumstances.
introduction to the gospel of Matthew 1: 1

Everything that the introduction of the Gospel of Matthew tells us (Matthew 1: 1)

Comments to Matthew 1: 1 Base passage Book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, son of David, son of Abraham: (New Testament | Matthew 1: 1) Introduction Matthew 1: 1 is ...

Comments on the Book of Mormon

Comments on the Doctrine and Covenants

The meaning of the expression "zarandeado como trigo"

The expression of being "zarandeado como trigo" appears in the 4 canonical books and is a symbolic expression that does not necessarily have a negative meaning.

The scriptures that Moroni explained to Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith received from Moroni an outline of what his mission would be in the restoration of the gospel through the best tool for understanding.

Satan cleverly blends truths with lies

One of the biggest misconceptions about Satan is that he always says only full lies. Lies that are 100% false. But Satan is ...

New triple combination in Kiribati

The First Presidency has announced a new translation of the triple combination of scriptures in the Kiribati language (formerly known as Gilbertese), available online and in the Gospel Library mobile application. Hard copies of these new scripts will begin to be available for the March 30 from 2018.

The just exercise of the power and authority of the priesthood

Sometimes growing in authority can mean decreasing in power. Only by growing in the power of the priesthood can you know God and obtain eternal life.