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The Daily Study Plan of the Old Testament is designed to help you in your reading of the Bible. Following this plan you can finish reading the Old Testament in just one year.

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Comments on the Old Testament

El orden del campamento de Israel

Analysis of the first census of the Israelites

This analysis will help you better understand the purpose and meaning of the first two chapters of the book of Numbers, in the Bible.
En la ruta de Abraham, este se dirigió primeramente hacia el norte.

Why Abraham's route has such a curious shape in the Bible

The route of Abraham It is the path that goes from Ur to the promised land. If he knew his destiny, why did he continue Abraham such an indirect route?
Segunda Venida, monte de los olivos, artículo de fe 10

Learn to interpret and remember the tenth of the Articles of Faith (SUD)

Introduction I have been asked to try to explain the tenth article of faith. I told my wife that, along with the Article of Faith ...
18-Estructura general del libro de Job

General structure of the book of Job, in the Bible

Learn better the book of Job, from the Bible, and read it more easily by understanding its general structure and how it is organized internally.
¿Cuál fue la duración de cada día en la Creación de la tierra?

How long did Earth Creation last?

The use of days in Creation marks the beginning of the measurement of time in human history, but do we know how long each day of Creation lasted?
Las hijas de Lot y el origen de los moabitas

The daughters of Lot and the origin of the Moabites

To many people, the apparently incestuous passage of Lot's daughters is disconcerting. What were your real motives and what is the purpose for which you receive attention in the Bible?
Jacob profetizó sobre la posteridad de José.

The prophecy of the offspring of Joseph on the eternal hills

El patriarca Jacob profetizó, durante su patriarchal blessing a su hijo José, acerca de la tierra de herencia que correspondería a la descendencia de José en el continente americano, en los collados eternos.
Autores de los libros de la Biblia

Who were the authors of the books of the Bible?

You know well who the authors of the books of the Bible? This article will help you to know and identify them quickly and effortlessly.
Características del Pentateuco

The characteristics that you did not know about the Pentateuch, in the Bible

In this article I will review some of the special characteristics that distinguish the division of the Old Testament to which we refer more usually with the name of "the Pentateuch". Among the characteristics of the Pentateuch we will talk about its different names, a summary of the content of the Pentateuch, the time covered in its various books and the solution to the apparent controversy that has arisen in very recent times about Moses as the author of the Pentateuch.

Were Cain and Abel the first children of Adam and Eve?

Given the the Bible introduce Cain immediately after narrating the Fall, should we understand that Cain, Abel and Set were the first and only children of Adam and Eve?

Comments on the New Testament

Aprende hoy a distinguir las tres versiones del Sermón del Monte en las Escrituras

El conocer las diversas versiones que existen en las Escrituras del Sermón del Monte nos ayuda a aprender más sobre las hermosas verdades expresadas en el mismo.
Piedras convertidas en pan

Why not turn stones into bread: lessons on the temptation of Jesus

El pasaje de la tentación de Jesús nos enseña una importante lección sobre la obra misional: cuando desistir, sin tratar de convertir todas las piedras en pan.
Las siete palabras de Jesús en la cruz

What the seven words of Jesus on the cross teach us

Las siete palabras de Jesús en la cruz reservan un cúmulo de enseñanzas a quien quiera estudiarlas y conocer las grandes lecciones encerradas en ellas.
Las cuatro pascuas del ministerio de Jesús

Las cuatro Pascuas del ministerio de Jesús

A través del estudio de las cuatro pascuas del ministerio de Jesús es posible derivar los eventos principales de su vida, sus viajes y discursos principales. Todo está en la siguiente tabla que te servirá en el aprendizaje y la enseñanza.
El origen del titulo cristianos en la Biblia

The origin of the Christian name in the Bible and in the Book of Mormon

The origin of the name 'Christians' has a lot to do with the responsibility of each follower to take upon us the name of Christ.

Comments on the Book of Mormon

Comments on the Doctrine and Covenants

Quienes son los Santos de los Ultimos Dias

New triple combination in Kiribati

The First Presidency has announced a new translation of the triple combination of scriptures in the Kiribati language (formerly known as Gilbertese), available online and in the Gospel Library mobile application. Hard copies of these new deeds will begin to be available by March 30, 2018.
El ser zarandeado como trigo es una expresión simbólica que no por fuerza tiene un significado negativo.

The meaning of the expression "zarandeado como trigo"

The expression of being "zarandeado como trigo" appears in the 4 canonical books and is a symbolic expression that does not necessarily have a negative meaning.

5 incredible stories of prophets and apostles who have seen Jesus Christ in the ...

Jesus Christ has been seen on numerous occasions by modern prophets and apostles. know some of these stories.

The just exercise of the power and authority of the priesthood

Sometimes growing in authority can mean decreasing in power. Only by growing in the power of the priesthood can you know God and obtain eternal life.

The Heavenly Father as Witness of the Son

On rare occasions, our Heavenly Father has let his voice be heard or his presence be seen by man, with the sole purpose of presenting himself as a Witness of the Son.
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