The preparations for the liberation of Israel

The next three chapters of the book of Exodus (Exodus 2-4) describe the preparations made by God to free his people. These include the preparation of the leaders who would carry out the work of the liberation of Israel, namely, Moses and Aaron. As reviewed in 1 Samuel:

8 When Jacob had entered Egypt and then your fathers cried out to Jehovah, Jehovah sent Moses and Aaron, who brought your fathers out of Egypt and made them dwell in this place (Old Testament, 1 Samuel 12: 8-9 • AT, P. 477, emphasis added)

Moses was foreordained by God

We have seen before how Joseph from Egypt could see Moses in vision and left valuable writings about these prophecies. The first part of the book of Exodus suggests that the circumstances of the birth of Moses and his salvation were not accidental, but were events designed by God in his plan with much anticipation. Moses came in fulfillment of the prophecies, of which the Israelites were well aware. They expected the salvation of Israel from the hands of a redeemer, and the Lord prepared Moses to fulfill this role.

The three periods of the life of Moses

Tracing the biography of Moses is more or less simple and easy to remember, since it is divided into three periods of forty years. Chapters 2-4 from the book of Exodus expose the first two of these periods of the life of Moses.

The first 40 years of the life of Moses

The first period of the life of Moses is about his life in the imperial court, from his salvation from death to the time of his birth until the moment he was forced to flee from Egypt to Midian. This period covers the first 40 years of his life, since he had 40 years to flee to Midian. The Bible he paints the picture of this period with large strokes, without paying much attention to details, but a careful reading allows us to clearly detect the presence of a master plan, God's plan, developing through the life of Moses.

Moses was born in a well-known Hebrew family where both parents were direct descendants of Levi. The parents of Moses were guided by revelation to save his life, and the designs of God led this Hebrew to be raised in the palace where, according to Flavius ​​Josephus, he became a leader and military leader of remarkable achievements. However, he was raised in his early years by his own mother and in his own home. The bond I developed with the Israelites never broke. Paul of Tarsus attributes to the faith of Moses his desire to promote the liberation of Israel, which, still poorly channeled, cost him exile.

The second 40 years of the life of Moses

Moses had 40 years to flee to Midian, where the divine providence led him to meet Jethro, a descendant of Abraham and holder of the priesthood. Just as he had been trained before in political leadership, Moses now received the purity of spiritual doctrine and the 84 section of the Doctrine and Covenants reveals that it was this Jethro who ordained Moses to the priesthood. In the book "Immortality and eternal life," Elder J. Reuben Clark, Jr., notes that Moses was, in this way, trained in the two great dimensions of the kingdom of God.

Moses married Zipporah, daughter of Jethro, and had a son, Gideon. After forty years in this place he must have put to oblivion his initial desire to liberate Israel until he was called directly by God in the episode of the burning bush. Moses obeyed God and returned to Egypt, where God had sent Aaron to receive.

The preparation of Aaron

In considering the preparation of Moses we also have to meditate on that of Aaron. Unlike Moses, Aaron He was raised among the Hebrews all the time of his life. The eldest son of the Hebrew leader Amram (who represented the tribe of Levi in ​​several decisions), he was well known to the leaders of the people, collectively called "the elders." It was these elders whom Moses and Aaron they went first and were well received, since God had prepared everything in advance for the reception of Moses.

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