LDS Toughts

The relative value of SUD archeology

The relationship between archeology and the doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of ...

This article explores the relationship between LDS doctrine and archeology and how to estimate the most recent discoveries in relation to the Book of Mormon.
Democracy vs. Realistic Monarchy

The threat of the realists and the preservation of free men

The Book of Mormon describes how the freedom of the people was rescued under the threat of the royalists, a group of dissidents who wanted to establish an oppressive monarchy in their search for power and prestige.
The Talisman underground mammoth is additional evidence of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.

The Metro Talisman Mammoth and the Book of Mormon Elephants and Horses

Many times the evidence is available to us but is unattended. This is the case of the Talisman Metro Mammoth, an amazing piece of evidence that supports the authenticity of the Book of Mormon account of the existence of horses and elephants in America.
The Sabbath can be considered a delight.

The Sabbath as a delight

Notes for a discourse at the sacrament meeting on the theme of the sanctification of the Sabbath, with a summary of scripture passages and quotes from the General Authorities of April and October of 2015.
Baptism in the Early Church

Historical documents that support the practice of baptism by immersion in the early church

Introduction to the historical documentation of baptism Baptism, the first of the ordinances of salvation, is that which serves as the gateway to the kingdom of God and ...
The relationship between the power and authority of the heaven and the sky priesthood

The relationship between the power and authority of the priesthood

The power and authority of the priesthood are not the same thing. Discover in this article why the relationship between power and authority is significant.
Gordon B. Hinckley

Visual aids on the life of Gordon B. Hinckley

A review for a brief study of the life of Gordon B. Hinckley, along with visual aids that will help you understand and teach it more easily.
Move from understanding to action

Understanding must be supported by action

Today I share with you a beautiful reflection of the well-known Christian apologist CS Lewis, author of the Narnia stories, in which he discusses the importance of taking doctrine to action and the way God answers our prayers.
Wearing white shirt on Sundays

The use of the white shirt in the sacrament and on Sundays

The use of the white shirt must be implemented firmly but with sensitivity.
Stones turned into bread

Why not turn stones into bread: lessons on the temptation of Jesus

The passage of Jesus' temptation teaches us an important lesson about missionary work: when to desist, without trying to turn all stones into bread.
Oliver Cowdery

How is it that Joseph of Egypt saw Oliver Cowdery

In the Encyclopedia of Mormonism, a prophecy is recorded by Joseph of Egypt, who saw in vision Oliver Cowdery and the translation of the Book of Mormon.
David against Goliath

The Enigma of Psalm 151: The Lost Biography of David

Today I am going to tell you what you do not know about the enigmatic psalm 151, which does not appear in our Bibles and which seems to be the lost biography of King David.
Primitive church

Baptism for the dead among the early Christians and in the Early Church

In this quote we share the evidence that baptism for the dead was a practice among Christians of the Early Church, in the first centuries of the Church.
Groups of inactive SUD

What are the groups most prone to inactivity in the Church

A recent research, conducted by Jana Riess, highlights three sensitive groups that may be prone to inactivity in the Church. Knowing them can help us focus our service better.
Three powerful reasons to wish to be a Lamanite

Three powerful reasons to identify ourselves as Lamanites

Some are offended when they are called Lamanites. By doing so, they place themselves out of reach of the promises that extend to this town. In itself, what does it mean to be Lamanite and what are the promises that correspond to them?
Approach and distance in the study

Bible study technique: Approach and distance

Acquiring a panoramic vision of the Scriptures will help you "make yours" in three simple steps, and learn them in an unforgettable way. To achieve this, today I share a simple method.
How to insure a lonely old age

How to insure a lonely old age

Sometimes we must fight with our natural instincts to design an orderly relationship, to avoid that they destine us to assure a solitary old age.
baptismal font temple sud

You are his vicar

Under the law of Moses only the high priest could enter the temple as vicar of the people. Today you are invited to enter and be the vicar of your loved one.

Glimpsing the technology of the heavens

After two or three times reading on a glowing screen I remembered the seer stone mentioned in the Book of Mormon, where Gazelem is spoken.

My concept of the truth

Many say that the truth is relative, that the truth depends on the perception that each one has of it, that, for this reason, everyone has their own truth. My concept of truth is quite different. Let me share it.