Soy mormón, innovador de las redes sociales y

I am a Mormon, an innovator of social networks and a microlender.

What do tweets and microloans have in common? Both are ways Mormon Dave Hanley sees that they can help others and improve the world.
La historia de fe de Margarita | #PrincipedePazvideo

The story of faith of Margarita | #PrincipedePaz

Faith is not always blind. See how Margarita exercises her faith in Jesus Christ to overcome the trials in her life and how God helps her. Read more at
Caminos equivocados

Wrong ways

When making decisions, God expects us to pray, trust and believe, and then we do not give up or panic or give up when it seems that something is wrong. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland shares a personal experience ...
Las diez vírgenes

The ten virgins

Jesus teaches the parable of the Ten Virgins.
Principios sobre la Paz: La Palabra de Dios , #PrincipedePazvideo

Principles on PeaceThe Word of God, #PrincipedePaz

When we read about Christ and study His words, we find His example and his teachings to follow. This understanding can bring us the peace we so long for in our lives. Learn how Amelia found peace by scrutinizing the word of ...
Yo para esto he nacido

I was born for this

Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God and King of the Jews, was born to offer himself as a sacrifice to atone for the sins of mankind. -Easter Part 1
La Natividad

The Nativity

Mary conceives by the power of the Holy Spirit. Celestial messengers proclaim the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.
Película oficial Conozca a los mormones - en alta definición (en español de México)

Official movie Meet the Mormons - in high definition (in Spanish from Mexico)

The movie Meet the Mormons examines the life of six devout members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, known as Mormons. Meet the Mormons was filmed in different parts of the world ...
Cholito Jesúsvideo

Cholito Jesus

Cholito Jesus is a traditional Christmas carol of Peruvian origin. In Peru, it is traditional to hear Christmas carols played by the children's group "Los Toribianitos". This version of Cholito Jesus with arrangements by director Israel González-Nieri, is sung by Luz choir ...
El Cristo es

The Christ is

The tender chorus of children sings the song "El Cristo es". With lyrics by President James E. Faust and arrangements by Israel González Neri. "The Christ is, the Holy Son is, the Holy Savior, the Redeemer!"
La peregrinaciónvideo

The pilgrimage

"The pilgrimage" melody interpreted by the group Los Hermanos de los Andes, to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in the Christmas concert "Light of the Nations: Come to my house this Christmas" in December 2014 in the Tabernacle of ...
Principios sobre la Paz: La Oración, #PrincipedePazvideo

Principles on Peace Prayer, #PrincipedePaz

Whether we ask for blessings or just express gratitude, we can feel close to God when we seek Him diligently through prayer in the name of Jesus. See how Erick found peace through prayer.
Feliz Navidadvideo

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas by singer-songwriter José Feliciano played by Alex and Melodi Melecio accompanied by the choir Luz de las Naciones in the beautiful event Come to my house this Christmas in December 2014 at the Salt Lake Tabernacle ...
Saya de Navidadvideo

Christmas Saya

The children of the Luz de las Naciones choir sing Saya de Navidad, together with the joyful dancers and Los Hermanos de los Andes group, at the Tabernacle of Salt Lake City in December 2014. "Israel González-Nieri, Choir Director ...
Villancico al Reyvideo

Christmas Carol

Christmas is the time of year when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in our homes. Celebrate as in times of old and be able to proclaim Today the baby God was born! The choir and dancers sing the villacinco ...
Las posadas mexicanasvideo

The Mexican inns

Posadas is a Christmas tradition typical of Mexico that begins nine days before Christmas, which symbolizes the journey of Mary and Joseph in search of an inn. This version of "Las posadas mexicanas" is sung by ...
Ven a mi casa esta Navidadvideo

Come to my house this Christmas

The Light of Nations Choir sings the beautiful song "Come to my house this Christmas", written by the Argentine musician Luis Aguilé, as the main theme of our concert Luz de las Naciones: Come to my house this Christmas, in ...
La historia de perdón de Alejandra | #PrincipedePazvideo

The story of Alejandra's forgiveness | #PrincipedePaz

See how Alejandra, by forgiving others, could strengthen the union of her family more than ever. Find out more at
¡Qué hermoso sueño soñé!video

What a beautiful dream I dreamed!

"¡Qué hermoso sueño soñé!" es una chacarera navideña argentina interpretada por los varones del Coro Luz de las Naciones, acompañados por el grupo Los Hermanos de los Andes durante el evento navideño "Ven a mi casa esta Navidad" en el…
Navidad en Tegucigalpavideo

Christmas in Tegucigalpa

Christmas in Tegucigalpa (better known as "Walking through Tegucigalpa") is one of the best-known Christmas carols in Honduras, written by the renowned Honduran singer-songwriter Víctor E. Donaire M. The Light of Nations chorus intones this beautiful carol, accompanied by ...
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